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Minerals and Gemstones
Welcome in our online shop! Tell us what stones and items you prefer, Rock Treasures Wholesale may be able to offer you your favorite stones. We only offer stones of distinguished quality. We often travel to remote mines and quarries around the world. Through direct importing, we keep the costs low. You reach us with mail or telefone.

We try to give you an answer as soon as possible. In the category of jewelry you can buy bead strands and finished necklaces, bracelets, stone rings, pendants of all kinds, plus many items for the creative, who like to make jewelry. Each type of rock from our heaing crystals has its own unique crystal formation. Crystals grow under different conditions. So we can offer crystals of the same mineral in different sizes, shapes, colors and clarity. We present rough crystal pieces, as well as pristine, high-grade specimens. New customers find a registration form. As Costumer from Rock Treasures Wholesale INc. Hausen you have different adventages.

You can buy in a easy way, with your shopping cart. If you arent sure to buy a piece, you can give it into your wish list. You can pay your stones with paypal, cred card payment or check payment. You can also find us on Facebook or Google Plus. So come into our online shop and find extraordinary pieces, stones and minerals. We would be pleased to recieve you as costumer and new client!

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